Project: Passive

Passive cooling consept case.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 03.03.2008
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The first tests


Project Passive

At this time, I only had one heatsink, and I was fairly certain it wouldn´t be enough for the CPU, but I ran the tests anyway. The temps stayed in good range when surfing and chatting in IRC, but running stress test with Orthos made the CPU temp skyrocket.


Project Passive

I bought some 4 mm thick copper sheets, for the graphics card block, but there was also enough to make the CPU-block out of copper.


Project Passive

Copper is a much harder material to work with than aluminum. Both in terms of skills required and the overall hardness of the material.


Project Passive

The socket 939 attachment was easy to devise, as the connection system only has two screws. A hole in the middle of the block, and a screwknob makes sure that the block stays in place, and the force spreads evenly.

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