Project: Passive

Passive cooling consept case.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 03.03.2008
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More heatsinks

At last, I got my hands on three more of those heatsinks, two for the CPU, and two for the rest of the components.


Project Passive

I used two more heatpipes to connect the CPU-block to the second heatsink, which was hinged to the first heatsink. There is lots of open space for the air to travel upwards. Two of these huge heatsinks, and four heatpipes were enough. The CPU stayed well within normal temperatures when gaming and doing regular stuff. Several hours of orthos stress test however caused the CPU temp rise to 60-70 degrees of celsius. But since Orthos is a synthetic benchmark, and no normal software will cause such load, I decided to go forward with the project.


Project Passive

I built two versions of the GPU-block. This is the first one. In retrospect, this would probably have been enough, but I wanted to make sure, so I built a new one.


Project Passive

This is what I ended up with. Later on, I added a third Heatpipe for the graphics card, picture of that later.

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