Project : Ring Light

Fast, cheap and easy project for a photographer in a need for better lighting in close up photography.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 15.11.2009
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Enclosure continued


Ring Light

The top cover needs some trimming. Here I'm cutting away the piece roughly the size of the filter.


Ring Light

We want to spread the light as evenly as possible. Leds create a pin light and I try to diffuse it by sanding the top cover from both sides. One good way to diffuse the light would be a piece of thin paper inside the top cover but ultimately this would lower the intensity of the light so I decided to sand the piece. For certain types of photos, the separate lights from the leds can make the shot more interesting.


Putting it together


Ring Light

Here I'm soldering the two lights together. They both operate with 12 volts so I'm hooking them up in parallel.

One can use for example a motorcycle battery or something similar that offers 12 volts to power up the lights. I didn't need the mobility so I'm going to use a regulated wall transformer, rated for 12 volts.


Ring Light

Quick and dirty. Perhaps I should try to find some other glue for my projects to make them appear more "professional" but for something like this, the hot glue works just fine.

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