Project Spire

Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 16.10.2005
Cost: ~200 euros
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The idea for this case came from another case. Someone had made a horizontal htpc using wood and plexi in layers. My idea was to use layers of plexi but leave spaces between them for transparency and good air circulation. I decided to take a look at laser cutting and see how precise cuts it can produce. I also needed the clear edges that the laser cutting would produce by itself.

The Power supply unit

I begun the project by buying the cheapest 300 W power supply in the local hw-store. I bought the cheapest, because modifying it would void any warranty, and I wasn´t sure it would even work after I was done with it. :) The idea was to remove the original cover of the psu, and replace the heatsinks to make it smaller in size and allow the psu and the cpu to be cooled with only one fan.





I got rid of the original heatsinks, and replaced them with my own. Luckily the heatsinks were not soldered to the circuitboard as usually in cheap psus. they were merely attached with screws. Idea was to create a conduit for the heat pass to the framework. Attaching the L-shaped aluminum plates wasn´t easy bacause my big and clumsy screwdrivers didn´t fit beetween the components.



Here the psu is attached to the bigger piece of aluminum, which later becomes part of the framework for the case.

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