Project Spire

Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 16.10.2005
Cost: ~200 euros
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GFX cards

The cooler for Geforce 6600GT was noisy, so I replaced it with a huge aluminum heatsink, and added a fan from a boxed AMD cooler. Needless to say, the cooler doesn´t make a sound when set to 5 volts. For comparison, Radeon 9800pro on the left.


Lan-sized machine

Framework upright. Nice and compact. I actually used the case like this for a long time before I planned the plexis and could afford them. It was easy to transport to lanparties, though people looked it a bit oddly. :)



In order to get an interesting surface on the aluminum, I attached a steelbrush to my Dremel-clone and brushed the aluminium on all visible sides. Because I was bit lazy you can still see the horizontal stripes on the aluminum. It would look cooler if it was sanded properly and polished to shine.



This is the transformer for the UV-fluorescent tube I planned to place on the top of the case. I salvaged it from an old scanner which happened to use a standard 8 W fluorescent tube. It works with 5 VDC so I didn´t have to use the heavy and bulky AC transformer for the tube.

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