Aluminum Spire

Aluminum Case Project with some unique design features.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 17.02.2006
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This idea came to me when I was desingning a flat HTPC. I wanted to use an AGP-riser, because with that the PC wouldn´t have to be any thicker than the connectors on the motherboard. Of course the psu came in the way of my plans and I ditched the htpc project. I then decided turn the plan vertical and mod my girlfriends PC, because her computer was noisy and ugly (some old compaq case). Because of the comments I have received from my friends, I have to state that this case has nothing to do with Xbox360. I Designed my case before I ever saw the xbox.




The best cooling is the most simple one. My idea was that the whole case would be cooled with only two 80/92 mm fans. Because the case would be very tightly built, the air would pass trough pretty quickly thus keeping the case temperature down. With normal PC case, the processor (and the GPU) needs a separate fan because the volume of the air in the case is high. This means that the air passes throught the case slowly thus removing heat equally slow.

In my plan the case fans function as a CPU fan. Choosing the direction of the airflow is essential because of the hot air's natural tendency to go upwards. Wondering about the missing corner on the psu in the plan picture? More of that later. (And yes, the plan pictures were made with ms-paint :) )

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