Aluminum Spire

Aluminum Case Project with some unique design features.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 17.02.2006
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Did I mention the power supply unit ruining my HTPC plans? Well it wouldn´t fit in this case either, so I had to mod it a little. I carefully removed a piece of the heatsink with a hacksaw, and bent the rest downwards.



Trying out the layout. New PSU's always have that huge coil inside them, and I asked a friend of mine (who knows a lot about electronics), what it was for. He said it was only for protecting the electrical network from the current spike that the PSU takes when starting. So I decided to remove it. I don't have to pay for elecric bills, it's included in the rent ;) It propably would have interfered with the hard drive if mounted this way so...

Graphics card cooling


GPU heatsink.

The stock cooling of GPU (GF6600GT) needed to be silenced, and still had to be effective. I decided to build a heatsink from scratch. I bought a big piece of copper, 200 mm * 120 mm and 10 mm thick, from a local hardwarestore. One of my drills took some damage when it got stuck in the copper. Even sawing the piece in half took me about 30 minutes with a regular hacksaw.


Fins installed

I used 0,5 mm thick aluminum for the fins in the heatsink. I had to glue the nuts for the mounting bolts with epoxy on the copper because of the tricky attachment of the heatsink. More of that in the next image.



Using copper made the heatsink so heavy that the GPU card could not support it alone. I had to device a holder which would be attached to the frame through the screwholes on the motherboard. Because of this, the heatsink had to be attached to the motherboard before the GPU-card. Now the attachement of the card would have been next to impossible had I not glued the nuts on the heatsink beforehand.

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