Aluminum Spire

Aluminum Case Project with some unique design features.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 17.02.2006
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The Frame


Building the frame

For the frame I chose the familiar aluminum L-profile. The front and backplates were made out of 1,5 mm aluminum plate, cut with a regular jigsaw. See the rivets looking ugly on the front plate? they will be hidden. More of that at the end of the article.


Heatsink installed

Here is the heatsink istalled without the graphics card. See the markings for the mounting holes on the bottom of the heatsink. These are used to attach the graphics card to the heatsink.



Graphics card istalled. Notice the fins of the heatsink reaching out of the frame, as planned.



Testing if the graphics card still works ;)


Side panels

I made the side panels out of 0,5 mm thick aluminum plate. The local HW-store wouldn´t cut the aluminum so I had to buy a 1 m*2 m piece of it. Still it cost only 7 euros. I had to make little cuts alongside to the edge to make the aluminum fold after bending the edges. It still looks quite ugly...

Power and reset


Power and reset

I hid the power and reset switches behind the case so they would not ruin the simple appearance of the front. The computer is on for 24/7 so they are not so important in the first place.

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