Aluminum Spire

Aluminum Case Project with some unique design features.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 17.02.2006
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I made the roof for the case out of an old CRT monitor's aluminum shielding. This is basically an aluminum plate with lots of holes in it.

For the front and back I made two aluminum plates, with hexagonal screws for decoration. Only six of these on either side are used to actually attach the decorative panels.





Very thin




Project Spire

The specs of the finished system:

  • AMD Athlon XP 1700+
  • 768 MB pc3200
  • GeForce 6600GT
  • 300 W Fortron PSU

    The cooling solution works! Fans were set to 7 volts. With 2 hours of CpuBurn, the CPU's temperature didnĀ“t rise above 40 C. I also cheked the temperature of the GPU after running 3dmark2k3 several times in a loop and the temperature was still under 40 C. The air that comes trough the PSU is no hotter than that of a normal PSU, so I believe it to be sufficently cooled too. With the current CPU only at 40 C on full load, I believe this cooling solution to be effective for faster processors too.

    Because my previous case (Spire) was quite expensive, I wanted this project to be cheaper. The total price for all the aluminum, copper and screws and such were only ~30 euros.


  • L-profile 6 e
  • 1,5mm plates 5 e
  • 0,5mm plate 7 e
  • copper 7 e
  • bolt, nuts, etc 4 e

    I hope you enjoyed reading about this project as much as I enjoyed making it happen.

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