Project : Subwoofer

Tutorial on how to design and build a high-end subwoofer.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 09.03.2009
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Getting the piping done

"Tuning" of the ported box is made altering the port length and diameter. Each driver and box has it's optimal dimensions that can be calculated using WinISD. In general longer port makes the tuning lower. (sub will play lower sounds) Both ends of the port are rounded to minimize unwanted noises when lot's of air is moving through the port.


Subwoofer project

Amplifier will be located in a "backpack" as seen in later images. Making the box wood ready took one full day. It feels really solid when knocking it. MDF boards are glued and screwed together. Embeddings of the screws are hidden with sanded elastic filler. I don't want the screws to be visible through the finishing leather. Frame of the feet is made of same mdf as the box.


Subwoofer project

Subwoofer project

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