Project : Subwoofer

Tutorial on how to design and build a high-end subwoofer.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 09.03.2009
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Finishing touches

Box is covered with leather. For attaching the leather I use contact glue. For the acrylic parts seen in the 3D model I made autocad drawings and sent them to a acrylic laser cutting company. These parts cost 90 euros made of 4 mm black acrylic. Since they are laser cut they are ready to be used right away. No more jigsaws and hours of filing and sanding.


Subwoofer project

I started fitting, gluing and screving acryl parts in place. I also removed hi-level input from Hypex amplifier to make the back of the case more stealth since I don't need it. This stage is easy because all acryl parts fit perfectly. Couple of hours of gluing and the case was pretty much finished.


Subwoofer project

Subwoofer project

Amplifier section is getting its shape.


Subwoofer project

Subwoofer project

Subwoofer project

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