Project : Subwoofer

Tutorial on how to design and build a high-end subwoofer.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 09.03.2009
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Nuts 'n' bolts

Interior of the case is filled with acoustic foam. Polyester foam is so breathable that all you need to take care of, is to leave a small clearance around the bass port. Other than that you can fill the case pretty freely. Adding foam will make the subwoofer go a bit lower.


Subwoofer project

As a finishing touch the subwoofer needs feet. I visited couple of hardware stores and found nice rubber cones which will do the job. They look good in my opinion and will isolate the box from the floor in my room. Subwoofer is nearly finished and it looks pretty much like my 3D sketches.

Japala's note - One famous person once told me: "More you plan, more the end result will be like the plan!"

Subwoofer project

Cooling for the amplifier. Speaker fabric glued to carboard.


Subwoofer project

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