Super Grip with
Plasti Dip

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 09.08.2004
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: min. 4 hours
Cost: ~15 euros/can



Misc items

I just had to try the stuff with several different items. Results were good with all of them. Screwdriver were stressed with some tight screws and the handles gave a good grip and the rubber coating stayed on. Washing the spoon didn't have any effect on the coating. Liquid version gives a thicker coat on the first run and the edges doesn't seem to be as vulnerable as the edged on a sprayd coat.


From back


Whole mouse was first coated with spray Plasti Dip. After that the buttons got dipped into liquid Plasti Dip. Both surfaces give a good grip but the rubber on buttons feels more "rubbery". The texture seems almost like leather. Sprayed coat is thinner so perhaps additional coats could make it feel more soft. Nevertheless the grip is there and the whole mouse just stucks to your hand. The feeling is not sticky in any way but you immediatelly notice the difference with the old one. Others will love it and others will not. Some may prefer having less grip on their mouse so that they can alter the position of their palm easier.


100% coverage

Sprayed with clear Plasti Dip, the surface seems to shine a bit more. Whole feeling of the controller changed completely. GamePad sticks to the palms really well and I can see only benefits from this to gamers. Controller feels more secure and when compared with the same controller without Plasti Dip coating, the difference is really apparent.



These controllers do have a textured surface right from the factory but plain plastic can't offer the same amount of grip than rubber does. Thin layer of sprayed rubber coating will follow the texture of the surface so you will see all the original labels, logos etc. I was amazed how well the liquid form did the same thing. At first the coating seemed really thick but it just leveled with the surface and every detail that was on the piece came visible again.

You can use this feature to your advantage in many ways. For example if you want rougher surface and extra grip for very wet conditions. First break the untreated surface with a low grit sandpaper or mix rough sand with the Plasti Dip.

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