Super Grip with
Plasti Dip

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 09.08.2004
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to finish: min. 4 hours
Cost: ~15 euros/can


Super Grip with Plasti Dip

  • Gives more grip
  • Works on metal and plastic
  • Easy to apply

  • CONS
  • Could be less toxic?
  • So there you have it. While making the mod I realized that not all people may like if there is too much grip on something that you have used to have with less grip. For example the mouse. It feels really odd when you can't move your palm around the surface as easily as before but on the other hand, with fast paced action, it is great to have the mouse follow your hand with no effort. Combine this with a super slippery mousepad and you enter the whole new level of gaming. :)

    Spray or liquid? It is hard to say. Liquid will work better with tools and other heady duty items. Spray could be great with mobile phones and remote controllers to stop them from sliding along table tops. As we haven't made any long term durability tests it is hard to say which type will stay and function longer on certain surface but liquid Plasti Dip tends to feel more "solid". Perhaps this has more to do with the thickness of the coats than the real world facts but this is something that we have to see and report back when we learn more.

    This stuff can be hard to find. Although many hardware store will have this, they may not be able to ship it to you. There are also other brands to concider but the end results will vary. Perhaps some manufacturer may find this article or application handy and starts to offer some instant grip spray for LAN or tournament gamers. In the end, we found Plasti Dip to be very usable in many areas. It made tools more secure and improved grip on computer input devices. There are tons of other places where you can use this stuff and now it is your turn to make something happen. Productive Modding!

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    Additional information

    Plasti Dip International

    Where to buy

    Clas Ohlson

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