15" TFT panel transformed to something more aesthetic.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 07.02.2006
Expenses: ~100 euros
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Metal parts were cleaned with turpentine and painted in plain black.



The joint of the stand and the panel had a little parts to be cut off. Stupidly I had painted the part first so I had to paint it all over again.


Cutting the screws

Screws installed

The screws holding the stand and the metal case together were too long and had to be cut. They just didn't fit in when the PSU and control electronics were installed.


Electronics installed

Inverter of the backlight can be seen on the left. Transformer in the middle and the thingie on the right is converting the vga-signal for the panel. I had to use some sandpaper on painted areas to get a proper signal grounding for the each part.


Assembled from the back

Joint and shortened screws can be seen here. Now we need some covers...

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