15" TFT panel transformed to something more aesthetic.
Author: Antti Hakala
Published: 07.02.2006
Expenses: ~100 euros
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Usual sight in the home of a modder...

Next step was to get some acryl for the front of the screen and some polycarbonate to act as a the base of the stand. Polycarbonate, 'Lexan' is more durable (and expensive) and that's why it goes for the stand. Plastic parts cost around 15 euros. Some of them where sold as "junk pieces" so this explains the low price. Later I found out that the parts were everything but in 90 degrees from the corners. I had to use a jigsaw to fix the indirect pieces. Using the spirit level and clamps i was able to get a decent cut. All parts where sanded with 600-800-1000 grit sandpapers.

Next I had to drill some holes. Unfortunately I broke two cheap drill bits in this rather easy procedure. Now I only had to put it all together. When inserting that broken connector, it crushed some conductors on the receiving end and this caused short-circuits. This resulted that the colors of the panel showed up wrong when testing. Fixin this was hard: I had to weld external wires for the crushed ones. In the end I was able to do it and the monitor worked ok.


Front sheet installed



I found some good-enough-looking black screws from a local hardware store.


The stand

Screws in the corners of the base have a function to rise the polycarbonate part couple of millimeters of the table top. This to protect it from scratches. The base is not screwed on to the table. ;)


Stand from the back

Chrome tube hides the cables going to the power switch. It's made from a part of standard shower hose. Switches are not so usable anymore, but it's a minor flaw due to automatic power on function. This means that the monitor "wakes up" when it senses the video signal coming from the computer.


Ready to be used

Case around the tft panel is now finished and installed. This would be a good place to stop modding for most but I just wanted to make one final addition to the mod.

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