Playing with UV

When Bitsmodding sended me an UV cold cathode I didn't have anything to test it with. This is why I decided to do something about it. Once again this is more like a picture gallery but it should be easy enough to follow. :)

What I decided to do was to paint the CPU cooler fan. Manufactured by Sunon and being part of my Thermalright SK-6 cooler.

This alone was a good reason to start this "mod". When I took away the fan I noticed that there were dust blocking the air flow. Time to use vacuum cleaner.

Nice and clean. Dropped idle temperature by six degrees celcius. With these thin fin coolers you really should check and clean the fins time to time. Properly filtered input air will also help to prevent this kind of dust buildup.

I used a tape ment for painters to cover the outer rim of the fan. This makes this process fast because you don't have to take the fan apart and I only wanted to paint the fan blades.

I used the same paint that I used in my card-painting article. This paint could be used to paint for example your motherboard or add-on cards to give them nice UV reactive coating.

Painted and installed. Nice bright color and even without any lights it looks great.

Before and After images. With regular lights you already see the difference.

With UV light. As you can see, only the fan "lights up". There is a dim purle glow and this gives the motherboard bit color. Just imagine how it would look with all the cards, motherboard, cables etc. replaced with UV reactive versions. ;) Well, perhaps this kind of lighting is at its best when applied to details and not the whole case interior.

From little closer.

I also tested various magic markers/highlighters. On the left side you can (maybe) see a dim form of my baybus control box. Without UV light it is totally black but with lights on you can see how those marked areas will light up. So, you can use these markers to write text or paint some logos that will glow with UV light.


Fast and easy to do and outcome is quite nice looking. These techniques aren't new or anything special but I just though to show you these for fun (and to get some mods added). Hopefully this will get you interested with this kind of lights and we start to see new kinds of case mods that aren't based on blue cathodes. ;)

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