Yes, this is something that many sites have already done but when I received that Cold Cathode I just had to do one too. This is not ment to be a complete tutorial but more like a picture tour. Hope you like it.

Started out by marking the hole. I just had to add that little detail to the corner.

For cutting I used a jiggsaw. I chose a blade which is ment for cutting steel.

Cutting the basic shape took only 10 minutes. Fast and easy.

I used my Ferm (a Dremel clone) and cutting wheels to get the details done. Took around 20 minutes. Window itself is 2 mm thick acrylic sheet. Same stuff that I used in my Cryo mod.

I used a knife to open up the side of the electric wire. This way I could get that copper wiring out and have a cheap tube to be placed around the edges of the window.

Tube installed. Used a few drops of superglue on the corners to keep it in place.

Window installed. I used glass silicone as a glue to attach the acrylic.

Right side picture with Cold Cathode turned on. Yes, I'm still using Abit kt7. ;)


Cheap, easy and fast. Took around 40 minutes to make. No special skills are needed. Why not make one? :)

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