Wooden Spire

Case made out of natural materials.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 24.01.2007
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This time I wanted to work with wood. My dad had a crappy old computer case, so I decided to build him a wooden case for a christmas present. I haven´t built anything out of wood since comprehensive school, so I was a bit excited how a computer case would turn out. People (or at least I) usually associate wooden computer case with a big and heavy box. I didn´t want that. There is no new idea or revelation here, as I took the design straight from Aluminum Spire. The only thing different is the use of an unmodded PSU.

I recommend reading the Aluminum Spire -article before this one. I left out some details to avoid unnecessary repetition. And I would like to apologize about the lack of material on this article as I didn't have proper camera at the time I did the mod. Hopefully there is still enough for you to see what I made and how I made it. Forum is a good place to come and ask questions if needed.

Let us start...

The ingredients: One pine panel, and some birch plywood cut to size.

I needed to draw large curves, and I didn´t want to use a string compass because it is a bit elastic, so I made a meter long compass out of aluminum L-profile and a couple of clamps.

The front panel cut with a regular jigsaw. Naturally there are two identical pieces (front and back).

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