Wooden Spire

Case made out of natural materials.
Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 24.01.2007
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I'm sorry that I didn't document the painting in detail. But for the record, I used stained lacquer to get a dark appearance. Lacquer was applied with careful, straight strokes. Case needed only two layers as stained lacquer makes the surface very dark if several layers are added. And I also wanted to preserve the texture of the wood underneath the cotes so they would be still visible.

Putting components in

Parts fitted inside. Altough the integrated graphics is in use, I left space for an additional Graphics card with an AGP riser.

Psu is held in place by an aluminum plate that conveniently hides the ugly fringes of the hole I made for the PSU.

Ready to close the side panels.

Sidepanels are held in place by a spring & ball mechanism you usually see in cabinet doors.

Since there are two fans bringing cool air into the case and only one inside the PSU exhausting them out, I hat to cut a hole on the top of the case for some extra wents to get the excess air out. For the cover I used the same mesh as in the Aluminum Spire . I also attached the power and reset switches to the mesh. Can you locate them? :)

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