XBOX CombiCable

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.11.2003
How difficult: 1 Dremel - Easy ; 5 Dremels - Difficult
Time to build: 30 - 45 minutes
Cost: ~5 euros

Want to use XBOX game controller when playing games on PC? If the answer was yes, keep on reading. I'll show you one of the most popular XBOX mods, well actually two of them in this one article. While there are tutorials around the net for these already, I just feel that there is always room for some improvement and some tutorials can point out some issues that others left out etc. I hope that you'll find this little tutorial of mine complete and helpful.


What you need?

These are the basic components that you'll need:

  • XBOX gamepad
  • USB extension cable
  • Heatshrink tubing
  • Proper resistor for the led
  • Led
  • Leatherman or set of screwdrivers and pliers

Heatshrink isn't that necessary if you keep the stripped wires short and manage to make the solders neatly. USB cable/connector can be taken from an old mouse if you happen to have one. Using old parts bring the costs down and it is always nice to find new uses for them.


Painting the USB

Vinyl Dye

Cable and connector in this XBOX contoller are semitransparent and dark green. That is why I needed to do something about that white USB cable. I was lucky enough to find some Vinyl Dye here in Finland. Seems to me that there isn't that many stores selling them. Can costed 10.93 euros and because this part is totally optional, I didn't include the cost of the can to the total sum.



Many modder uses this stuff to paint those CD-drive front panels etc. Because the paint gets absorbed inside the painted surface, you can spray even the wires with it. Gives you very durable and good lookign surface. Every little texture and detail remains visible after the painting.

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