Noctua and Coolink Heatpipe Coolers

NH-U12 and U8-120-1600 with 120 mm fan support.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.02.2006
Manufacturer: Noctua
Product Group: Coolers
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There are two anti-vibration strips included with the packages that include the fan. These will lift the fan housing away from the metal of the heatsink, thus removing the vibrations and the noises that would follow them. A very low-tech approach but also very effective.


775 support plates

Different processors and motherboards have bit different mounting holes for the coolers. These support plates are for Intel platforms.


Back support

After removing the motherboard from the case, one installs a supporting back plate. Mounting support bars are then attached with four screws and washers.


Close call

Package includes four washers that are installed between the mounting support bars and the motherboard. With this particular motherboard there were some surface mounted components located right next to the bars. I had to cut pieces of paper and install them to better insulate the components from touching and developing short circuit. Perhaps wider washers would be in order.

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