Noctua and Coolink Heatpipe Coolers

NH-U12 and U8-120-1600 with 120 mm fan support.
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 24.02.2006
Manufacturer: Noctua
Product Group: Coolers
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The Unit

CPUIntel Pentium 4 (Prescott) 2.80GHz @ 3402 Mhz
MotherboardABIT AA8 Duramax
Memory2x512 MB Mushkin PC2-5300
2x512 MB Corsair PC2-5400
HDDSeagate Barracuda 7200.7 200 GB SATA
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 80 GB PATA

Benchmarks were run first with case side panels open and repeated with side panels closed. Temperatures were monitored with Motherboard Monitor and the load was provided by two CpuBurn processes running at the same time. Each stage of the benchmark was carried out by allowing the system to stable the temperature before it was logged.

Case Closed

Case Closed

Case Open

Case Open

I tested the cooler with and without the fan. Performance when used passive was really impressive. On the graphs with a blue color is the Cooler Master's Hyper 48 that is also a very good cooler but as seen here, does not have the cooling performance as Noctua's and Coolink's cooler. It is amazing to see this cooler pulling out the same results passively cooled as the Cooler Master's fan cooled unit. When we install the 120 mm fan, the heatsink truly blows away the competition.


  • Cooling performance both with and without a fan
  • AMD and Intel compatible
  • Size

  • CONS
  • Size

  • Award
    "Editor's Choice" Award

    Although we had some problems with the unit during the installation, I believe it was still worth it. When you are given a chance to run a modern computer system without an active cooling on the CPU, you know that the heatsink is very effective. Sure you need to have a proper air circulation inside the computer case but this is the same with even the most powerfull heatsink that uses a big fan. If you can't get in the cold air and push out the hot, eventually you are going to be in trouble.

    "Bigger is better" kind of thinking seems to be the key here. It is good to see that the manufacturers didn't build the heatsink around a huge lump of copper but decided to make the unit relatively light by utilizing aluminum fins and multiple heatpipes. This makes the cooling power to weight ratio excellent.

    This cooler is definitelly not for everyone as the dimensions of it will dictate in what case it can be installed and where not. If you plan to operate the cooler without the fan, just make sure you have a good air circulation on your case. A single 80 mm fan at the back of the case might not be enough if you are loading the CPU hard.

    I'm very confident about this heatsink and have it installed without the fan in my primary computer setup. This is also why it is so easy to give an Editor's Choice Award for it. Great cooling without the "wet stuff".

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