Three graphics cards for budget minded gamers.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 21.11.2006
Manufacturer: Leadtek
Product Group: Graphics cards
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Test setup:
CPUAMD AM2 X2 4600+
MotherboardAsus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Wireless Edition
MemoryCrucial 2 * 1024 MB PC4200
HDDSeagate 250 GB + 200 GB
PSUSST-ST56F 560W ATX v2.01
CaseAntec P180B


Performance tests are obviously the most important thing when testing hardware such as graphic cards.

3DMark05 Standard Settings



Differences in the 3dmark05 aren't too surprising. In the single card series Leadtek easily beats the others with its higher clocks, Palit comes second and MSI is left last. 3dmark doesn't of course tell the full truth but as all the cards are based on the same nVidia-chips, the differences between the cards should remain the same through all the game tests.

The difference between single cards and SLI-score is more than clear, using the MSI and Palit in SLI almost doubles the score and breakes the 10000 score limit.

Call of Duty 2


Lowest and Highest FPS values averaged

CoD2 was launched already a year ago but it still has pretty nice graphics and it definitely took the juices out of 7600s. Tests were ran at two resolutions with all the graphical settings set to the max. Differencies are small and follow the line created by 3dmark nicely. It is clear that the performance difference between cards would follow the same pattern regardless of resolution.


Noise is always a very subjective thing and hard to test without a silent room and proper meters. It also strongly depends on the person how disturbive one feels the noise. The case of the test rig is a "quiet" one so I decided to remove the left sidepanel during the noise tests. This helped me to compare the actual sound produced by the fan rather than a dampened voice which comes out of the case normally.

The winner in the silent computing category is a bit surprisingly - Palit. Its thick fins seemingly let the air through with ease and so the airflow doesn't generate annoing noise. MSI takes the second place, but only slightly. Leadtek comes last with its low profile fan and copper cooling profile.

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