Three graphics cards for budget minded gamers.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 21.11.2006
Manufacturer: Leadtek
Product Group: Graphics cards
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It was very nice for me as a reviewer to get my hands on three totally different approaches to the 7600GT core. Compared to testing three reference cards with manufacturer's stickers in them this was definitely more interesting and I hope this review made the choice between the cards easier for you. All the three cards tested proved to be suitable for different kinds of use.


  • Performance
  • Two DVI connectors

  • CONS
  • Noise with high loads
  • The name monster from Leadtek was the fastest card in the roundup this time. It also left a positive overall feeling as a well finished product. Leadtek was also the only card with two DVI-connectors on board and so an obvious choice for the users with two TFT monitors.

  • Silent
  • Price

  • CONS
  • -
  • Palit's card has no extra features but neither does it have real weaknesses. Clocking gave a slight boost to the performance but even at stock settings the 7600 GTs run today's games at good settings. The Palit was also the cheapest of the tested cards this time. All in all this one is the closest to the reference 7600 GT and a good choice for a low budget gaming rig.

  • HDMI output
  • VIVO

  • CONS
  • Long PCB may cause problems in small cases
  • Diamond Plus was, with a slight margin, left to the last place in performance tests. Being slightly slower than the competitors I still think that this card has its dedicated user group. If you are looking for a new VGA card to a HTPC-use I can warmly recommend this one due to its VIVO- and HDMI-features. The HDMI-connection can be changed to a second DVI-connection with an adapter but the adapter needed does not come with the bundle.

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