8800GT 1GB vs. 8800GTS

Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1024MB Golden Sample
XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog Edition
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.02.2008
Manufacturer: Gainward.
Product Group: Video
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Closer look


8800GT & 8800GTS

8800GT & 8800GTS

From the side profile it's very easy to tell the G92 GTS from the old version. The fan shroud is re-designed and the new design seems to allow taller components under the fan and also allow the fan to get air even if there's a card in the slot right under the PCI-e slot. From this image one can also see the small logo on the shroud and the 4-pin power connector of the fan.


8800GT & 8800GTS

The backside of the card shows no surprises, there are total of 15 screws holding the cooler in place. The PCB seems identical to the one seen in the 8800GT and there's no reason to believe it wasn't. Only one SLI-connector here, so GTX and Ultra still remain the only cards that can be used on three-way SLI.


8800GT & 8800GTS

Even though the 8800GTS is longer than the 8600GTS, it still isn't nearly as long as the longest graphics cards on the markets and most likely will fit to most cases. From the image one can see the difference in the size of the coolers and especially the fans. Usually when it comes to noise, the coolers with large fans are quieter, so I'm looking forward to hearing the large fan in action.


8800GT & 8800GTS

The connections are what we've used to seeing during the last couple of years two DVI-connectors and a video connector - no HDMI or Displayport here. The cooler exhausts the hot air directly through the rear panel.

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