8800GT 1GB vs. 8800GTS

Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1024MB Golden Sample
XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog Edition
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.02.2008
Manufacturer: Gainward.
Product Group: Video
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Closer look


8800GT & 8800GTS

When all the screws are undone, the heatsink can finally be removed. Beside the G92 core and the eight memory chips, also the SMD-components on the power regulation are in contact with the cooler - GPU with thermal paste and the memory modules and small components with thermal pads. When compared to the PCB-shot of the 8800GT we tested earlier, the only visible differences are some extra parts on the power-side in the right end of the board.


8800GT & 8800GTS

Memory chips on the 8800GTS are identical to the ones used on 8800GT. They are manufactured by Qimonda and are rated to 1ns ( 1000 MHz ). On 8800GTS Alpha Dog Edition these memory chips are clocked to 986 MHz (1972 MHz DDR), so according to the specifications of the chips, there is no room for any significant overclocking.


8800GT & 8800GTS

8800GT & 8800GTS

The real difference between the 8800GT and the GTS is in the GPU. Even though GT is basically the same chip, some of the shaders are disabled which makes it slower than the GTS-core. The 12 extra shaders also show as improvements in Pixel and Texture fillrates. Later on we'll see the performance difference in the actual tests. The reference clock speed for the core is 650 MHz, but on Alpha Dog Edition it's factory overclocked to 678 MHz. The shader clock that can separately be adjusted, is set to 1700.

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