8800GT 1GB vs. 8800GTS

Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1024MB Golden Sample
XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog Edition
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.02.2008
Manufacturer: Gainward.
Product Group: Video
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Closer look


8800GT & 8800GTS

The cooler on the 8800GT has to be one of the most complicated ones I've seen. The memory heatspreaders are separate from the actual cooler, and can't be removed before the heatsink is removed. The heatsink is also sealed with a warranty void-sticker, so aftermarket coolers can't be installed without losing the warranty. The fan used here is made by Power Logic, its model is PLA08015B12M, it's 80 mm in diameter and specified at 12 Volts 0,10 A (1,2 W).

Here one can also see that also the card design is changed from the reference. Especially on the power regulation parts seem to be in different places and of different model.


8800GT & 8800GTS

The thermal paste was once again rock solid and didn't want to leave the chip without putting up a fight. After finally getting rid of the paste the core was revealed. The one on the GTS had marking G92-400-A2 and the GTs core is G92-270-A2. This chip is also manufactured using 65 nm process, but only has 112 unified shaders. Out of the box Gainward uses nVidia's reference 650 MHz clock speed on the GPU and 1625 MHz on the shaders, so there should be room for some overclocking.


8800GT & 8800GTS

The memory chips are made by Samsung and are specified at 1000 MHz (2 GHz DDR). These come clocked at 950 MHz, which also follows nVidia's reference specifications.

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