8800GT 1GB vs. 8800GTS

Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1024MB Golden Sample
XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog Edition
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.02.2008
Manufacturer: Gainward.
Product Group: Video
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8800GT & 8800GTS

The XFX 8800GTS is factory-overclocked so hopes weren't too high when it comes to further overclocking it. Gainward's 8800GT on the other hand runs at nVidia's reference clocks so there should be room for more tweaking. Earlier we saw that the memory chips on both cards were rated at 1 GHz (2 GHz DDR).

After a bit of fiddling with Rivatuner the GTS ran 3dmark at GPU 730 MHz, shader 1810 MHz, Memory 1000 MHz, which gave 150 points more in 3dmark06. With these clockspeeds the GPU hit 78 degrees, which is already a bit on the high side.

As suspected, the 8800GT proved to have more headroom for overclocking. With the GPU overclocking from 650 to 730 MHz, shaders from 1625 to 1825 and memory from 950 to 1000 MHz the improvements were much higher than with the GTS. With these clocks the GT's performance was closer to the stock GTS than stock GT. Even with these clocks the core temperature only reached 67 degrees, so the Gainward's cooler is really doing its job well.

Power Consumption

The power consumption measured here is the total power the setup draws from the mains. So it includes also the CPU and all the drives, the whole lot. The maximum load was measured running the 3DMark and the minimum was measured when idling on the desktop.


8800GT & 8800GTS

The results once again show that there's absolutely no reason to go for a huge power supply if you aren't getting a SLI/Crossfire setup and overclock everything to the max. Also it's worth noticing that the new setup actually draws less power from the mains than the X2 4600+ setup used in the 8600GTS review. Overall the difference in power consumption is very insignificant, but the difference between idle and load show how well modern power saving features work.



8800GT & 8800GTS

The load temperature was measured when running the 3DMark06 on loop when the temperature no longer rose. The idle was measured when idling on the desktop after the test when the temperature no longer dropped. It seems the thermal controling of the fan is set to keep the GPU at 50 degrees on idle and on 60 C under load. This automatic speed controlling can be overrun and the fan set to 100% at all times, which causes both the idle- and load temperatures to drop almost 10 degrees. The later test better shows the actual performance of each cooling solution.

The Noise

Both cards proved to be very quiet on desktop use and for example the fan noise isn't disturbing when watching a movie. At load the noise still remains within reasonable range and neither card is actually disturbingly loud. When pushing the cards to the limits on high performance gaming, the reference cooler of the 8800GTS starts to get noisy. This is still mainly caused by air flowing through the heatsink and not directly by the fan, so the sound isn't too high-pitched or annoying in other ways, but the card definitely can be heard over the rest of the setup. The exotic cooler on the 8800GT on the other hand performs well even while gaming and if you aren't looking for really quiet PC then I see no reason of replacing the stock cooler with an aftermarket one.


XFX 8800GTS Alpha Dog Edition

Gainward Bliss 8800GT 1024 MB Golden Sample

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As a conclusion I have to say I'm impressed by the performance of the G92 core. The difference between the GTS and the GT 1024 MB was surprisingly small though, only a couple of frames per second in both average and minimum. It would have been interesting to compare these cards to the ATI/AMD HD3870 and HD3850 as obviously the GT and GTS cards are made to compete with those two. If it wasn't for the competition then two cards so close to each other in performance would seem weird.

From these two cards I'd possibly go for the GT, mainly because its great cooler. The connections are exactly the same and while Gainward's bundle gave bit more value to the card, in the end it boils down to the bang for buck. For those of you in search of a new graphics card I'd just advice to compare the prices. If you can get a good deal of 8800GTS then go with it, but other than that there are no reason why you shouldn't select the 8800GT instead.

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