A-Data S805

Stylish Flash Drive from A-Data Sport Series
Author: Jyri Kuusela
Published: 27.09.2009
Manufacturer: A-DATA
Product Group: Storage
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What can you say about USB thumb drives? They can carry a lot of data in your pocket and come in every imaginable shape and size, but what is there to review? Quite a bit actually, the appearance is only half of the deal. Memory sticks have gotten bigger in the last few years and who would want to wait for ages to transfer huge files to the stick? The USB memory market is amazingly huge, and now we'll see how A-data manages to stand out from the competition.

A-Data S805 Sport Series


A-Data Sport Series S805 Flash Drive Review

A-Data S805 is one of the products in the A-Data's collection of memory sticks designed to people on the move. It's packed in a quite big cardboard box with the most important features listed on the sides. The package will most probably stand out from the shelve because of its size but in these "green times" it might be a bit of a waste to have a box this big. The range of storage capacity with S805 models starts from 2 gigabytes and goes up to 16 gigabytes. Here we have the 16 gigabyte model to review.



A-Data Sport Series S805 Flash Drive Review

Inside the package we find a paper with some warranty information and the flash drive itself sitting on a stand that can be used to show off the drive and have a place where you remember to pick the drive up when needed.

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