Bulldozer CPUs are finally here!

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 27.11.2011
Manufacturer: AMD
Product Group: CPUs
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The Bulldozer has to be one of the most anticipated PC hardware launches of recent times, and now, after being "just around the corner" for ages, it's finally here! AMD was kind enough to send us samples, so now it's finally time to find out what the new processor family can do and how well all the rumors and speculations in the internet are matched.




AMD FX-8150 CPU - Bulldozer CPUs are finally here!

AMD announced seven models, three of which are quad cores, one is six-core and the top three have eight cores. Out of these the FX-8150, FX-8120, FX-6100 and FX-4100 should be available right away, the others will be available later on. The prices of the launch models range from $115 for the FX-4100 to $245 for the FX-8150, so AMD sticks to their idea of reasonable pricing.


AMD FX-8150 CPU - Bulldozer CPUs are finally here!

And here's how AMD matches their current CPU- and APU-ranges against the Intel's range of processors. The FX-series is designed to compete with the i5-series chips, while the i7 2600K is left unchallenged. This stands to reason, as even the most expensive FX-8150 processor is cheaper than the 2600K Sandybridge.


AMD FX-8150 CPU - Bulldozer CPUs are finally here!

On paper the comparison looks very favorable for AMD, but of course it's good to keep in mind that the comparison came from AMD's own press release. Either way the facts are that the FX-8150 comes with higher speed memory support, more cores, more cache, and better support for Crossfire than the Intel's competing processors. All this for the same price seems a bit too good to be true, but we'll see later on how the newcomers fair.

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