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Three Hundred vs. Twelve Hundred
300 vs. 1200
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.07.2008
Manufacturer: Antec
Product Group: System Enclosures
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Antec has a variety of different product lines but there are two main ones. For enthusiastic users the Performance One series cases that are mainly designed for quiet computing and the Gaming Case range, including the 300, 900 and 1200 models. Earlier we reviewed the P180 Mini from the P1-family and now two cases from the range of Gaming Cases have arrived to our review. The cases this time are the 300 and the 1200, both of which follow the theme set by the earlier 900 model.

300 vs. 1200


Antec 300 vs. 1200

Both cases follow closely Antec's dark-colored theme on the packages. Already from the boxes and the model numbers one can say that the 300 is a smaller case and the 1200 is a large mid-tower case. The boxes have all the main features printed on them and again buyers don't have to guess what they're about to get.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

In size comparison the difference is very clear, the twelve hundred is over 10 centimeters higher and another 5 centimeters deeper than the three hundred. Other than that the cases remind each other with the matte black paint and side- and top fan holes.


  • Dimensions: 45.8 (H) x 20.5 (W) x 46.5 (D) cm
  • Net weight: 7.2 kg (15,9 lbs)
  • Motherboard support: mATX, ATX
  • 3 x 5,25" External drive bays
  • 6 x 3,5" Internal drive bays
  • 1 rear 120 x 25 mm TriCool. Fan with 3-speed switch control.
  • 1 top special 140 x 25 mm TriCool. Fan with 3-speed switch control
  • 2 front (optional) 120 mm fans to cool the hard drives
  • 2 front 120 x 25 mm special blue LED intake fans with front speed control
  • 1 side (Optional) 120 x 25 mm Fan to cool graphic cards


  • Dimensions: 58.2 (H) x 21.3 (W) x 51.3 (D) cm
  • Net weight: 14,5 kg (31,9 lbs)
  • Motherboard support: mATX, ATX
  • 12 5,25" Drive Bays (configurable 0-9 3,5" bays)
  • 7 expansion slots
  • Washable air filters
  • 1 200 x 30 mm blue LED exhaust fan with 3-speed switch control (LEDs can be switched off as well)
  • 2 rear 120 x 25 mm special blue LED exhaust fans with 3-speed switch control
  • 3 front 120 x 25 mm special blue LED intake fans with front speed control
  • 1 side 120 x 25 mm fan to cool graphic cards (optional)
  • 1 middle 120mm fan to cool CPU or graphic cards (optional)
  • Water cooling platform for reservoir or pump

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