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Three Hundred vs. Twelve Hundred
300 vs. 1200
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.07.2008
Manufacturer: Antec
Product Group: System Enclosures
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Antec Three Hundred

The three hundred scales down the features earlier seen in the nine hundred model. The front panel is covered in black mesh and acts as an air intake. The 300 sits at the bottom end of the product range not only size-wise, but also due to its price and simplier looks than the other two of the Antec's gaming cases.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

The bundle of the Three Hundred is very limited and only contains user's manual, a set of spacers and screws for the motherboard and a bunch (24) of thumb screws. The reason for such a large amount of thumb screws is the lack of any drive slides, in the Three Hundred the HDDs are mounted by using these screws.

Extenal views


Antec 300 vs. 1200

Out of the box the Three Hundred looks very plain and almost reminds me of the Sonata cases. As for the cooling, the Three Hundred has room for four 120 mm fans and one 140 mm fan, but only one 120 and one 140 mm fan come supplied with the case. Again, before judging the decision of leaving fan holes unused, it's worth remembering that the three hundred really aims at the budget markets. Two fans should give a nice airflow through the case while not blowing the budget.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

On the right side panel there's nothing special going on, but on the left side there's a 120 mm fan hole located over the graphic cards. The fan doesn't come supplied with the case - an understandable choice when speaking of such relatively inexpensive case. Also if you don't feel like you need the fan hole here, you can just swap the places of the side panels, other than the fan hole they are identical.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

The front panel of the three hundred is entirely covered with black mesh, just like the front panel of its bigger brothers. Despite the looks, there are actually only three external 5,25" bays at the top and the rest of the mesh is just one solid piece. This may seem like an odd decission to make, but who really needs more than 3 5,25" bays and who would like to have those bays somewhere else but right at the top? I don't know, this solution suits my needs well and there is an added bonus as mesh acts as a large air intake area.

Due to the smaller size of the 300, there's no room for a massive 200 mm fan in its roof. Despite this, Antec decided to follow the theme and added a 140 mm exhaust fan to the roof. It's not a 200 mm beast, but for such a small case it'll definitely give a nice amount of airflow.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

With the front bezel removed one can see the two hinged 120 mm fan holders. These holders swing open by removing a couple of screws and make adding fans for the HDDs very easy.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

The rear panel of the case is very basic with the power supply located at the bottom. The only special thing here is that the area between the extension card slots and the side panel isn't perforated. Often the only function of a ventilation mesh on this area is to bring unwanted dust into the case, so Antec's choice to make it solid makes sense. Both side panels are held in place with nice large thumb screws.

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