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Three Hundred vs. Twelve Hundred
300 vs. 1200
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.07.2008
Manufacturer: Antec
Product Group: System Enclosures
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300 - Internal views


Antec 300 vs. 1200

Inside the 300 there are no major surprises. The power supply is located at the bottom of the case, but other than that it's just like any mid-tower case. Unlike in the larger "hundred"-cases, the drive bays are normal three 5,25" bays and six internal 3,5" drive bays. This choice means there's no need for the 5,25" HDD-cages and thus helps keep the price of the case down.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

On the back side of the motherboard tray there are no surprises or cable management hooks. Instead the zip ties are located to the right side of the HDD cage. This is a good place to bunch the unwanted cables as they aren't on the way of the airflow through the case, but on the other hand a cable mess here makes screwing HDDs in place very hard.

300 - Assembly


Antec 300 vs. 1200

The hard drives are mounted to the three hundred simply by using traditional screws. Antec states in their Reviewer Guide that this is a decission they've made based on tool-less solutions breaking up more often and not always providing the best possible stability. While this might be true to some extent, at least silicone vibration dampeners would have been a nice extra.

In the test situation the HDDs were bolted as far from each other to keep them cool even without the front fans. This is really not necessary even without the fan as the top- and rear fans pull all their air through the HDD area and also the HDD bays are spaced pretty far from each other so the HDDs shouldn't heat each other too much.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

Building a rig to the Three hundred is a very straight forward project with no real surprises. Thanks to the new modular Silverstone Decathlon of the test rig, routing the power cables was easier than before. The space between the rear panel and the drive cage is about 29 centimeters and the longest graphic cards of today are 27 cm, so it might be handy if the case was a couple of centimeters longer, but other than that the internals have enough room for just about any build. Another thing is the cables of the power switch and front panel connectors as the connections are located to the top of the front panel and on the motherboard the headers are always on the bottom.

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