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Three Hundred vs. Twelve Hundred
300 vs. 1200
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 08.07.2008
Manufacturer: Antec
Product Group: System Enclosures
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1200 - Internal Views


Antec 300 vs. 1200

With the side panel removed one can see not only the internal design of the case, but also notice that the whole frame is painted black. This is really a nice touch as a plain grey frame doesn't look good at all when there's a window in the case. The internal design is pretty normal with the power supply located at the bottom and the drive cage running the whole height of the case. Behind one of the HDD cages there's also a mounting point for an additional 120 mm cooling fan.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

The backside of the motherboard tray should seem familiar to everyone who has worked with the P1-series cases. There are strategically placed holes on the tray for power- and other cables and also ziptie anchors and some cable wraps to keep the cables in place. This system is a really nice way to hide the cables and to keep the front side of the motherboard nice and clean.


Antec 300 vs. 1200

The twelve hundred comes with three HDD-cages, each capable of holding three HDDs and fitted with individual fans and dust filters. This system closely reminds of the one we saw earlier in the NZXT Tempest with the only difference being that this time around the system feels secure and works as intended.

For the fans Antec has finally changed the three speed switch into a stepless controller. The individual controllers for each fan are located so that they can be adjusted through the front panel. Very convenient while not being too eye-catching. The dust filter is a nice touch, but is too hard to clean as getting it out means pulling the whole HDD cage good three centimeters out of the case. This, on the other hand, requires all the eight thumb screws to be removed.

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