Fusion Black 430

Antec Veris series HTPC case.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 07.10.2007
Manufacturer: Antec
Product Group: System enclosure
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External looks



Since the first version of the Fusion Antec, have changed the material of the front panel from plastic to aluminum, and that's obviously a big step in the outlooks as it gives a quality touch to the whole case. At the left end of the front bezel there are the LCD-screen and a stealthing panel for the optical drive. In the middle there are firewire, USB and audio connectors and on the right a large volume knob and reset- and power switches. On the top right corner there's a stylish Antec-text that doesn't catch eye too much. The ring around the power button works as a power-light and the HDD-led is situated to a small hole between the reset-button and the audio connectors.



From behind one can see the PSU and that the Fusion is meant for mATX motherboards and has only four card slots. There's also a ventilation hole on top of the motherboard connections. Unlike usually, this is actually an inlet as the two fans on the right side panel are both blowing air out from the case. The PSU can be mounted either way, which is a good feature if one changes the PSU to a model that has a 120 mm fan on the bottom.



At the bottom of the Fusion there are four feet - two of which are made out of soft rubber and two of which, the ones on the front, are more classy looking aluminum feet that still have some soft rubber to prevent vibrations. At the front of the bottom plate, there are ventilation holes that are located right under the HDD-bays. This grill on the bottom next to the HDDs is one of the two main air intakes of the case, and most likely will provide enough cool air to keep the HDDs cool. Like the Caterpillar in our last review, the ventilation of the Fusion receives some minus points from not having any dust filters.

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