Fusion Black 430

Antec Veris series HTPC case.
Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 07.10.2007
Manufacturer: Antec
Product Group: System enclosure
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Internal design



The case is divided into three sections: one houses the power supply and the optical drive, one is for the HDDs and the last is for the motherboard. From these the HDD- and motherboard-chambers are connected so thst the airflow goes first through the HDDs and then to the main chamber. Separating the HDD to a dedicated area is not a new idea, but works well when the aim is to make the case as quiet as possible. This way the PSU gets cool air and the temperature controlled fan doesn't ramp up. In the dividing walls there are holes for the cables and also a couple of built-in ties for cable managing.

The 5,25" cage is held in place only by gravity and some pins on each side. When the top panel is in place it also secures the cage in place. Despite all the cables of the PSU being on the way the cage slides out pretty easily. If you happen to have a long optical drive then installing the cage back in may be a bit harder.



There are only two HDD-bays in the Fusion, which may cause problems with some users. But then again, these days a single HDD can be up to one terabyte, so having only two of them shouldn't be that much of a problem. The HDDs are first joined with plastic holders, then the holding bracket is screwed in place and finally the HDDs are screwed in place. The disks can also be secured from the bottom with screws, but that isn't necessary.

From here one can also see the two TriCool fans that cover the rest of the right side of the case. The fans are unfortunately installed using normal screws instead of rubber pins. The fan guards are part of the side panel and can't be changed to less restrictive ones without messing the outlooks of the case. Compared to some HTPC-cases with 60 mm fans, the difference is rather huge and I'm pleased with Antec's choise to make their case high enough to house these fans.

Power Supply




The power supply that comes installed with the Fusion is Antec's own Earthwatts 430. It's less surprisingly a 430 W model with active PFC. It's "80 Plus"-model, which means that the efficiency is over 80% at 20, 50 and 100 percent loads. A bit surprisingly the fan in the power supply is made by Adda. Unfortunately Antec have saved a bit here and haven't sleeved the cables of this PSU. Besides hurting the outlooks it also makes handling the cables harder. All in all the PSU does its job well, and as the case only supports micro-ATX motherboards and doesn't have room for huge graphic cards, 430 W should be enough.

The PSU seems to be specificly modified for this case as it has a special +5VSB connector for the front LCD. This allows the LCD to operate even when the computer is turned off.

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