Arctic K381 keyboard

A keyboard for style-aware users

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 12.10.2010
Manufacturer: Arctic
Product Group: Keyboards
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Arctic Cooling is a manufacturer best known for their cooling products. Anyway after starting with coolers they've since also started making cases and now also various peripherals. They also dropped the "cooling" from the name, so actually I should have called the company just "Arctic". From their new range of products they sent their new keyboard for us to test. Now let's see how well their move from coolers to input devices has worked out.


Package & Bundle


Arctic K381 keyboard - A keyboard for style-aware users

The keyboard comes delivered in a very compact box with photos and specifications printed on it. The K381 comes in black and white variants, our sample is a black one with German layout.


Arctic K381 keyboard - A keyboard for style-aware users

Inside the box there's nothing but the keyboard and a short manual. No driver software needed as this is a basic keyboard with no macro-keys or other special features.

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