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Two totally different fans for your computer case
Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 21.08.2006
Manufacturer: Bluegears
Product Group: Cooling
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It is vital to have a good amount of cool air circulating inside a computer case. At least this is the case when cooling with air alone. Watercooling have moved much of the heat from inside the computer case to outside but still there is a good chance that you will find a fan cooling down the radiator.

There are small fans and there are big fans. One can find fans with lights, chrome blades, metallic housing, different colors, automatic speed adjustment and most certainly with different noise levels. In this review we will show you two quite different products that both aim to be very stylish.

Bluegear's Fans


120 mm and fan with a message

So in this review we will focus on Bluegears b-ice 120 mm Led Chrome Fan and their b-COOL Temperature Monitorin Fan. Both will have their strong and weak points and hopefully you'll come to understand which fan would be perfect for your computer case or the next project. First up we have the 120 mm version.

b-ice 120 mm Led Chrome Fan





Dimensions120 mm X 120 mm X 25 mm (L*W*H)
Operating Voltage10.2 - 13.8 VDC
Air Flow63.05 CFM ± 10%
Speed1800 RPM ± 10%
Noise24.6 dBA
Weight137 g
Available colorsBlue and Silver

Not much of a bundle to speak about here. Then fan itself and four mounting screws. Power is taken only from a molex connector, no motherboard pinheads supported this time. I believe this is not a major issue as you should always connect these larger fans directly to the PSU as it can deliver way more power than motherboard's power buss meant for cooling fans.

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