Blue Yeti

Quality microphone for Content Creators

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.12.2017
Manufacturer: Blue Microphones
Product Group: Audio
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Blue Yeti - Quality microphone for Content Creators
Front controls on the left, rear controls on the right


At the front we have the Mute button and the volume control knob for the headphones. The mute button has a red led incorporated at the center of it and it is lit solid when the mic isn't muted. When muted the light flashes on and off.


Rear of the mic houses the gain control knob and the pattern selection. As the Yeti is a condenser microphone it has a built-in amplifier. Gain control affects the sensitivity of the microphone elements. Great feature for on the fly adjustment when needed.

As the Yeti offers triple capsule array of microphones, one can get pretty creative with it. This means that one can configure the microphone for different usage scenarios by just turning this one dial. Below you can see the list of diffent modes the Yeti offers and the corresponding usage scenario where the particular mode can be beneficial.

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