Blue Yeti

Quality microphone for Content Creators

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 10.12.2017
Manufacturer: Blue Microphones
Product Group: Audio
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Blue Yeti - Quality microphone for Content Creators

In use

I've been using the Yeti for a long time now. I mainly use it to do voice overs for product review videos and also for live gaming video streams on Youtube and Twich.

Below we have two examples of "real life" usage scenarios. First we have a 12 hours stream that I did when the Star Wars Battlefront 2 was released. The language is Finnish but you should still be able to hear what the sound quality is when fed raw to the Youtube. Second video is in English and it is a modding tutorial and flight video that I did for a small Chinese multicopter. The audio was recorded with Audacity and then filtered moderately.

I've used several different microphones on my setup during the years and the Yeti offers the best quality straight from the mic. Sure you can get usable sound from other microphones too but they usually need more post processing in form of noise reduction, bass&treble adjustment etc.

Only thing that I've had some issues with is the mute button. For some reason it is bit of a hit and miss to get it to change the mode. Not every time but frequent enough to be worth mentioned. This may be something that could have been fixed under the two year warranty but it hasn't bothered me enough. Still something that you should check once you get your own Yeti.


  • All metal
  • Selectable capture patterns
  • USB connection (digital)
  • Sound quality
  • Headphone jack
  • Black

  • Issues with the mute button
  • Award
    Gold Award!

    You just gotta love a good quality piece of equipment. Yeti is a solid performer in the every meaning of the word. It is made out of metal and even then not from the thinnest stuff. Pattern selection and the gain control allows one to make all those needed changes on the fly. As there are three different microphone elements present, one Yeti alone can perform tasks that normally would have needed several other microphones.

    As the signal processing is done on the microphone and the data is sent digitally to the computer, there is no added noise from the cabling. For the right user the included headphone jack could be just the feature to make this the perfect microphone for them. No need to wait for the tone to go all the way to the computer and out from its sound output when you can hear the sound with no latency, straight from the microphone.

    Yeti may be old in terms of its age but why change something that keeps on going and offers what the gamers, streamers, music performers and such need!

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