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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 13.02.2005
Manufacturer: BTC
Product Group: Input
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These days there are thousands of different models of keyboards available. Wide, slim, natural, multimedia, office, gaming, wired, wireless, lighted etc. How does one choose a good keyboard from all of these? To make it even harder for you we are now going to introduce a keyboard from BTC that you may find interesting.




All the keyboard in this 6300 series share this same box. There is a small label on the side telling what version is inside. Pretty and simple package that shows the actual product and not just some abstract graphics.



From inside one finds a very limited array of items. Just the keyboard itself and an USB to PS2 adapter. Usually with multimedia keyboard there is a driver CD or similar included but not this time. As all the keys are controllable from regular Windows setup there is no real point on including any extra CDs in the first place.


Scissor type

As the graphics clearly demonstrate, the real power of this keyboard is the innovative scissors type keys. They behave much better than the more common plunger type keys that not always function properly if the force toward they key is coming from the side and not from straight up. By using scissor type keys, the overall feel when typing with this keyboard is very easy and effortless. Needed force per key press is very low so it makes the whole writing process very enjoyable.

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