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Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 04.02.2005
Manufacturer: Casebuy
Product Group: Misc
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Dust and computers do not mix. Dust causes heat to build up thus reducing the operational life of the components. People don't often think about this at all because it takes time to gather so much of it that it actually makes a difference. Temperatures start to rise but only a degree per month and you may just wonder why the setup suddenly starts to get unstable. These are also many other places that like to gather dust on the system, like the keyboard and case and monitor tops. To help to get rid of all this dust, CaseBuy introduced their vacuum cleaner to the market. We will now see what it can do to solve this mess.

The Unit



This is the set that we received. For some reason Casebuy didn't supply any type of package for the product so we can't show you what the unit would look like on the shop shelf.



Unit contains two different nozzles. One on the left is good for the flat surfaces like table tops or mouse pads. Nozzle on the right is meant to be used when cleaning the keyboard. You can see three tubes sticking out from the nozzle that are made out of hard plastic. Nozzle on the left is made out of flexible rubber. Similar to for example heat shrink tubing.



The unit is constructed from three basic components. The nozzle, dust bin and the motor unit. You may have seen similar devices with wider dimensions in your own house as the device is a lot like those smaller vacuums that are used to vacuum bread crumbs etc. from table tops. Center piece twists to the motor unit and the nozzle have two plastic "claws" that grab a hold of the center unit when assembled.

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