Caterpillar B15Q Smartphone

Stylish rugged smartphone

Author: Jani 'Japala' Pönkkö
Published: 16.08.2014
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Product Group: Miscellaneous
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Caterpillar B15Q Smartphone - Stylish rugged smartphone

Rugged or not?

As the main sellingpoint of this device is its ruggedness, we tested out both the waterproofing and the ability to withstand drops to hard surfaces.


Caterpillar B15Q Smartphone - Stylish rugged smartphone

Both tests went well and eventhough the B15Q took some damage to its aluminum sides, they only did what they were designed for; to protect the phone.


  • Ruggedness;
    impacts, waterproofing, wide temperature tolerance
  • Fast processor (Quad core)
  • Overall design
  • Latest Android OS
  • Dual SIM support

  • Camera
  • Storage capacity out from the box
  • Screen resolution
  • Award
    Silver Award!

    Wow, what a refreshing change in pace. Rugged devices are often labeled both being extremely expensive and technologically compromized at the same time. B15Q is not the cheapest smartphone on the market by a long shot but it does have the modern tech to make it truly usable tool for wide variety of user. It doesn't matter if you drop it in your morning coffee or take a spontanious jump to a cooling lake, the phone should survice with no problems.

    Hopefully CAT keeps the updates rolling as the Android OS gets new versions. The vanilla nature of the OS with limited bundle of 3rd party tools should make it easy. As the battery is easily replaceable and because of the rugged style of the device, one can expect this phone to be usable a lot longer than these "regular" plasticy counterparts. CAT B15Q is a great phone for a child, student, businessman, lumberjack, construction worker etc. It is all that says smartphone and then some!

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