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Chill Factor
Liquid Pro

Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 17.10.2007
Manufacturers: Thermalright
Product Group: Cooling
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Today manufacturers offer a plethora of different kind of coolers. But the cooling power of the most efficient cooler can be hindered by the stuff between the core and the cooler's base. Silver based compounds have been around for a while, but still manufacturers come up with new ideas and products.



This time we had two test canditates. First was from Thermalright - The chill Factor. Second was Coollaboratory's Liquid Pro.

Chill Factor



The Chill Factor boasts that it does not contain silicone, and it is designed to be softer and easier to spread. The Chill Factor cames in a big 4,8 ml tube. This is propably enough for ten processor installations. While opening the package, I decided to remove the label from the tube. Surprisingly, the paste was separated into a clear liquid and thick white paste. According to the package, this should not happen. We will see if anything else is just advertisment speech.

Liquid Pro



The Liquid Pro came to our test without commercial packaging, in a small needletip syringe. Coollaboratory's homepages tell us that Liquid Pro does not contain any non-metallic additives. It is 100% metal alloy, but still liquid in room temparature.

As Liquid Pro is "bit" different compared to your normal thermal grease, it comes with interesting usage instructions/warning:

Note: Do not use cheap aluminum coolers. Their quality is not very high, and aluminum is not resistant against our Liquid Metal. Aluminum could form an alloy with "Coollaboratory Liquid Pro" which would react with the surrounding air's humidity. A black stain forms after a while, showing insulating qualities. ' Therefore: No contact of "Coollaboratory Liquid Pro" with aluminum. NO ALUMINUM COOLERS! no aluminum coolers.

Slow start...



Altough the Chill Factor was separated badly, I managed to mix it by letting a bit of air inside the syringe and pumping it back and forth for a while. After this, the Chill factor looked and behaved almost like a regular silicone based paste, but was a bit softer and more fluid. Portioning and spreading the paste was quite easy as advertised.

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