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Chill Factor
Liquid Pro

Author: Ville 'Willek' Kyrö
Published: 17.10.2007
Manufacturers: Thermalright
Product Group: Cooling
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The burn-in lasted a week per product. During this time, Orthos was used to create artificial 100% load, and it was ran for two hours each day. During nights, the computer was turned off. Burn-in period also icluded normal use and occasional gaming.

Asus Q-fan was disabled, and the fan was on 12 volts the whole burn-in time. The final load temperatures were taken on the last day after 4 hours of Orthos load. Thanks to AMD's Cool & Quiet, Idle temperatures were about same with all the pastes.

  Load Ambient
Chill Factor
49-53 °C 22 °C
Liquid Pro
47-51 °C 26 °C
Regular silicon paste 55-60 °C 22 °C

The final testing day with the Liquid Pro was a rather hot one. My flat's temperature rose up to 26 Celsius, but the Liquid Pro was still able to hold the CPU temperature below that of the Chill Factor. Had the ambient temperature been the same, Liquid Pro would have kept the processor even cooler. Even with these numbers, CoolLaboratory's product scores a clear victory.


The Chill Factor

  • Easy to apply

  • CONS 
  • Average cooling power
  • Separation

  • Silver Award
    The Liquid Pro

  • Excellent cooling power

  • CONS 
  • Not easy to apply
  • Not for aluminum coolers

  • Editor's Choice Award

    Liquid Pro is an extreme product for an extreme user. It is not easy to use, but the cooling power is easily worth the trouble for an overclocker. The Chill Factor did not impress at first, since it did exactly what the package said it would not do - separate. After mixing the stuff back to its supposed form, it was what promised, easy to use. It spread much better than the regular silicon paste. After the week of testing, The Chill Factor was still good. It had not separated, but what will happen after a year of use, I cannot say.

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