Club3D GTX 550 Ti

CoolStream OC Edition

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 11.04.2011
Manufacturer: Club3D
Product Group: Graphics cards
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The fight on the mid-range gaming graphics market is really heating up, AMD got there first with the launch of the HD68-series Barts-cards, but since then Nvidia has introduced their new GTX 560 Ti and GTX 550 Ti series cards. Finally we have all of the main competitors in the lab, ready to find out who's the current king of the hill and who's the best of the rest.


Package & Specs


Club3D GTX 550 Ti  - CoolStream OC Edition

The card is packed to a fairly small box with details printed all around. Inside the box the card isn't properly padded and can move around quite a bit, which seems odd and with really bad luck might damage the card.

AMD Radeon HD5770 AMD Radeon HD6850 Nvidia GTX 460 (1 GB) Nvidia GTX 550 Ti
GPU Juniper Barts GF104 GF116
Stream processors / Cuda cores 800 960 336 192
Core speed (MHz) 850 775 675/1350 900/1800
Memory speed (MHz) 1200 1000 900 1025
TPD (W) 108/18 127/19 160 116
Price starts at ($) 130 180 200 150

Here's a better look at what's available at or under 200 USD. The GTX 460 and the HD 5770 have already been available for quite a while and during that time the actual retail prices have been falling, making both cards a tempting choice of upgrade for budget gamers or people building new rigs. As stock the GTX 550 Ti should compare to the HD5770, but all of the current mid-range cards are known to be quite beastly overclockers, which makes the comparisons even more interesting.




Club3D GTX 550 Ti  - CoolStream OC Edition

Inside the box there's nothing but the card, the instalaltion manual in two languages and the driver CD. The GTX 550Ti sits in the lower mid-range and I suppose at this price range it makes sense to avoid any excess bundle.

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