CM Storm Enforcer

Stylish case for gamers

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 09.11.2011
Manufacturer: CM Storm
Product Group: Enclosures
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CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

Enforcer's front panel is strongly designed. At the lower part of the front panel there is a grill and behind a grill there is a 200 mm LED fan. The upper half of the front panel there is a door and behind the doors there are four 5,25" slots. The whole front panel is made of plastic.

At the left side panel there is a window and next to the window there are pressed shapes.


CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

A better look from the left side shows how the front panel is kind of beetle and it continues to the roof. The metal around the window is pressed out and it gradually gets down towards the front panel. The window shows the whole motherboard and also a part of the power supply unit. There are four 15 millimeters high plastic feets at the bottom of the case.




CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

Like previously said, the upper half of the front panel is a door. The doors hinges are at the right side and unfortunately the door opens only about 100 degrees. It would be a lot better if the door opened more because since the door is made of plastic it can be easily cracked in case you accidentally hit the door that is left open. Fortunately the hinges themselves are made of metal.

Behind the door there are four 5,25" slots. 5,25" covers are made of mesh so the air can flow thru them when required. The lowest 5,25" cover can be converted to fit a 3,5" device. The bundle also includes a 5,25"-3,5" adapter that you can use if you want to install a 3,5" device to 5,25" slot.

Both the front panel's door and 5,25" covers have dust filters. The front panel is a bit difficult to remove so the easiest way to clean the dust filters is to use a vacuum cleaner.


CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

Front panel's connectors, power switch and reset switch are located at the top of the front panel. USB3.0s are at the left and right end, next to them there are USB2.0 connectors and in the middle there are microphone and audio jacks. Under the microphone and audio connectors there is a long and narrow red power LED and under that there is a large power switch. HDD LED is next to the power LED. Reset switch is hidden behind the door on the left side of the power switch.

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