CM Storm Enforcer

Stylish case for gamers

Author: Lauri 'lauri_lr' Rahtu
Published: 09.11.2011
Manufacturer: CM Storm
Product Group: Enclosures
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CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

The rear panel is true to the popular layout; power supply is located at the bottom of the case, 120 mm fan removes the hot air from the case and there are holes for watercooling tubes at the top of the rear panel. Maybe a bit uncommon sight is a vertical expansion slot. The case's bundle includes StormGuard-security bracket that you can install to the vertical expansion slot. You can thread your accessories' (keyboard, mouse) wires through the security bracket to protect your accessories from thiefs for example in LAN party. Simple and clever!


Top and bottom


CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

At the front end of the top panel there is a basin where you can put for example memory stick, screws or some other small items. At the other end of the top panel there is a large hole for air flow. You can install one 200 mm fan or up to two 120 mm fans to this hole. Thereby you can install a 240 mm radiator to the top panel.

At the bottom of the case there is a air intake hole with dust filter for power supply.




CM Storm Enforcer - Stylish case for gamers

When looking at the Enforcer's interior you can see that the case provides all the requirements that users nowadays have. HDDs can be easily installed, 5,25" slots have tool-less installation, there is a large hole for CPU cooler backplate in the motherboard tray and the cable management is easy thanks to the holes for cables.

The upper HDD cage is removable and rotatable. When the HDD cage is removed you can install up to 39 cm long graphics card to the case. If the case is installed the maximum length for the graphics card is 27 cm.

In the middle of the bottom there is a cage for 2,5" devices. The cage is mounted by screws so it can be removed if required. The bundle includes a 3,5"-2,5" adapter that supports up to two 2,5" devices so the cage at the bottom is probably useless for most of the users.

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