CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse

Author: Jouni 'Jipa' Vasama
Published: 13.04.2011
Manufacturer: CM Storm
Product Group: Mice
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CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse -

The shape of the Spawn is really unique, it's very short and with its strongly shaped right side also very wide. The design reminds me of the Mionix Naos and Qpad 5K, both of which turned out to be very pleasant to use, so also the Spawn looks very promising. There are the usual main buttons, thumb buttons, a scroll wheel and also buttons for switching the DPI up and down.


CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse -

Looking from the side shows the profile of the mouse and just how short the rear end is. All of this suggests the Spawn is like a claw-gripping version of the Naos and 5K. The body of the mouse is made from flat red and black plastic, but on the sides there are pieces of perforated rubber that gives an excellent grip.


CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse -

On the bottom there are two very large glide pads, a model sticker and also the optical sensor. The sensor is placed a bit off center and it's turned oddly sideways.




CM Storm Spawn Gaming mouse -

Looking from above the resemblance between the Spawn and the Naos comes even more obvious, the front part of these two mice is very similar, but they are just designed for different kind of grips, so the Spawn is much shorter. From the side comparison the profile is very close to the one of the Razer Spectre, with the Spawn again being a bit shorter.

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